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4D Beyond is short for the 4th Decade Beyond, the Southern California live 70s'n'more music band project. Live classic rock music for your event.

Based in Riverside, California, we will come to your event anywhere in Southern California. We can configure music from a single musician to our full band. We love playing 70s music but we have music available from the spectrum of the 70s to the contemporary. We focus on being a vocal band with good musical backup. We don't have to be loud to be good.

We specialize in wedding receptions, corporate parties, private parties bringing music that doesn't get in the way of your conversations if you want background music. But, if you want dance music, let's dance! It gets a little louder but our focus is still vocals.

We're more of a rock/country rock/folk rock band than a disco band.

We believe in live music. There's nothing better to get a good feeling going.

Contact Us to get more details or to find out if we can sneak you into a gig so you can see our show.

Our new Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/live70sMusic

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